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Dominican Republic: A unique and endless destination throughout the world.

The Native Parrot

The native parrot

Cotica-webThe native parrot, a Caribbean bird belonging to the Psittacidae family and the Amazona Ventralis species has been a part of our daily lives from the days of the Taino hut to the modern Dominican household.

Due to its exotic appearance and the ease with which it reproduces human speech, it has been a decorative feature in many homes and a loud but beloved pet to the many children and adults who patiently teach their “Cotica” to talk.

The cotica makes a variety of noises. It cuddles cutely, can repeat short phrases, and even moves to the beat of some rhythmic tunes. In our native slang it is known as “the green parrot” because of its bright green plumage.

Because of its peculiar characteristics, the domestic parrot is the most popular of the Dominican Republic’s native birds. It has good eye-sight, it is suspicious and so extremely observant that it often reveals traits about an owner’s personality or lifestyle, which may be unknown to others.

Parrots can be friendly, reproachful, tattletales, cynical, diplomatic, foul-mouthed or even political and highly partisan. Not surprisingly, their unsolicited interventions at family gatherings have often spelled doom for many an amorous relationship and even old friendships.

The native Taínos usually offered them as gifts to the Spaniards as a symbol of their friendship and hospitality.

Current legislation to protect this nearly extinct wild bird imposes severe penalties for any attempt to capture and/or sell la cotica in any form whatsoever.