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Dominican Republic: A unique and endless destination throughout the world.



In the Dominican Republic, freedom of religion is guaranteed and protected under the constitution. According to the latest census figures, Roman Catholicism is the predominant religious group of about 95% of the population.

The Catholic Church has two Archdioceses (the one in Santo Domingo is the first one in the Americas; the other one is in Santiago de Los Caballeros) as well as nine dioceses that are located in the provinces of La Vega, Higüey, San Juan de la Maguána, Barahona, San Francisco de Macorís, Mao, Montecristi, Baní, Puerto Plata, and San Pedro de Macorís. There are also minority adherents to such other Christian denominations as Episcopalian, Baptist, Protestant, Seventh Day Adventists and Mormonism.

In places of worship, men uncover their heads as a sign of respect and reverence. Women are no longer obliged to cover their heads as they were in the past, but as a sign of respect and modesty, many of them wear long sleeves and mantillas (an elegant, hand-woven cloth that is draped over the shoulders or head) in church. It is considered offensive and inappropriate to enter a temple inebriated or in shorts.