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Dominican Republic: A unique and endless destination throughout the world.

Weights and Measurements

Weights and Measurements

Concerning weights and measurements, the Dominican Republic uses, in conformity with national legislation, the metric system. Nevertheless, the country continues to use certain units from the old Spanish system and from other systems that were formerly used in the territory.

Solids, for example, are measured in ounces/ pounds instead of in grams/kilograms. Gasoline and motor oil are sold by the American gallon, about 128 fluid ounces; cooking oil is measured by the pint. Fabrics are sold by the yard instead of the meter. And rum, beer and other liquids are packed in bottles of about 0.75631 liters.

Urban land areas are measured in square meters, while in the countryside they are measured by "tarea", a unit that equals 624 sq. meters.

Another unconventional custom in our markets is the bargaining that takes place between the potential buyer and seller to arrive at a mutually acceptable price. Your purchasing success will depend on your human-relations expertise. During the process you might even make a friend and the seller might give you "a ñapa" (something extra) at the end of the sale.