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Dominican Republic: A unique and endless destination throughout the world.

Upon Arrival


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What to Bring from Home


First of all, bring a positive state of mind and the intention of having a good time.

Regardless of what the thermometer reads while you are packing, include a bathing suit, sun screen/lotion, sun glasses and loose, comfortable clothing made of natural fibers. Do not forget your Bermuda shorts and a soft, baggy robe to wear as you relax and are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the gentle breeze rocking the palm trees on a tropical moonlit night.

Men traveling to attend a conference, or for business reasons, may need to bring a jacket and a tie. Some events, depending the type, may require a tuxedo for the men and an evening dress for the women. On certain, less-formal occasions, a white suit or a linen guayabera may be adequate. For cool nights (from November through February), a shawl for ladies is enough. In the mountains, a light jacket or sweater might be required.

Don't forget to bring your camera and video-recorder. The Colonial City has areas that are studded with historical monuments and offer magnificent scenery, flower-covered balconies and observation points from which fabulous effects of high contract may be achieved.

There is another dazzling spectacle you might be lucky enough to capture, as many painters and photographers have before, and keep as an unforgettable memento of your trip. It takes place in spring, when the red fronds of the majestic Flamboyant trees are in full bloom and strikingly adorn the countryside and cities alike.

Ladies Traveling Alone


Women can either walk or take a taxi to museums, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, or shopping centers. There are no newspaper listings of fashion shows, cultural activities, conferences and art exhibitions. If you wish to visit tourist hot spots, ask your hotel.

Traveling with Your Pet

The Department of Animal Health requires the following documentation for any pets being brought into the country:

Cats and Dogs

  • Complete vaccination certificate signed by a certified vet.
  • A health certificate from the Office of Animal Health.
  • Anti-rabies vaccine, triple vaccine (distemper, lectopirosis, hepatitis) and Parvo-virus vaccine certificates showing inoculations 15 days prior to the arrival date of the animal.

viajandoconmascotasPets not meeting these requirements will be quarantined for at least eight days or up to one month, depending on the country of origin. For all other types of animals, special authorization should be sought from and issued by la Dirección General de Ganadería (Department of Animal Husbandry). (809-535-9689.

Prior to your departure, be sure 
to obtain:

  • A health certificate from the Office of Animal Health.
  • Health certificate issued
  • Vaccination Certificate.
  • Other certificate required by the country of destiny.

Traveling with Children


Most hotels and resorts offer special facilities and activities to entertain visiting children. They also offer trained personnel to care for children during the parent's absence.

Nuptial Celebration in the Dominican Republic

casarseMost hotels and resorts listed in our Directory offer special wedding and honeymoon packages conveniently personalized and customized to make the pre-nuptial and honeymoon celebrations a memorable experience for all couples.

Viva Whyndam Resorts offer different "Wedding Packages" so that you can celebrate the wedding of your dreams at their luxurious hotels. A wedding organized by this exclusive resort chain includes exquisite details such as decoration with wild flowers, photography services, rooms, the wedding reception, a decorated carriage for the groom and the bride, the wedding cake, the bride's bouquet, spa services, among many other amenities. Reservations should be made one month in advance, enough time to arrange the services with a Civil Registry Judge.

For a marriage to be authorized, the groom and the bride must bring a notarized statement attesting to their marital status and certified in the Dominican consulate in their country of origin. If previously married, they must bring a legalized copy of the divorce decree, as well as their valid passports and those of any accompanying foreign witnesses. Please remember that such documents must be translated into Spanish upon arrival in the Dominican Republic. It is recommended that all the requisites should be confirmed at the time you make your hotel reservations.